OKO Make Up

On March 27-28th, 2019, OKO has presented its OKO Smart Make Up as a worldwide exclusive in the Innovation Days by Melià held in Hotel Palma Bay Mallorca , which is directly connected with the Congress Palace. The event was held in the Eivissa Room and consists of a presentation of innovative products for hotel sector carried out by technology brands like Bang & Olufsen, LG, Samsung, Philips, among others.

OKO has presented its proposal entitled “OKO Experience” , that highlighted the power of OKO products ( Mirror 15 “screen , OKO Make Up and OKO Charger ) to create an innovative experience inside a hotel bedroom . The main goal is to create an emotional experience that connects the hotel with the client, generating a brand’s commitment through the interaction with the latest market technology in the field of Smart Mirrors.

OKO Experience intended for hotels is based in three last-generation products:

  • OKO Mirror screen provides, for the first time in a mirror, services like personalized welcome, checkout express, corporate apps, external apps like YouTube or Spotify, room services …)
  • OKO Smart Make Up is a mirror with integrated touch screen 10.1 ”similar to a dressing table with an integrated OBS system. It is an excellent solution to place it in hotel rooms, in the hairdressers or at home . It becomes a health and beauty assistant, multimedia reproduction center and intelligent digital frame to receive and share photos .
  • OKO Charger: a charger with a screen that allows to offer a room service and corporate marking of the own hotel meanwhile the costumer is charging his / her devices.

The balance of the event was totally positive in words of OKO responsible, due to during the presentation the participants were very active and enthusiastic about the products presented by OKO. In the words of Jordi Jiménez , CEO of OKO products , “OKO Smartframe is thought to the hotel sector because we believe in applied technology. Smart mirrors have a fundamental role to create a new experience that increases the esteem of the client towards the hotel. Our products increase emotional branding”.

During the presentation at Innovation Days by Melià. Left: Attendees to the event interacting with OKO Mirror. Right: Sergio Otero, commercial director of OKO during the presentation