On June 9th, 2018, OKO was present again in an event organized by the hotel chain Meliá. On this occasion was the “Summer Launch Party” of the ME Mallorca.

Meliá have you counted with OKO to improve the experience of the participants to the event: though the hashtag # TheCultureCollective the guests could upload photographs to their social networks that were automatically displayed in the OKOs placed in the hotel.

In this case there was OKO SmartFrames, both 10 and 21 inches, several OKO SmartBOX in TVs of 60 “and an OKO SmartMirror . From these devices the guests could review all the photos uploaded with the hashtag and print them directly on the OKO SmartPrinter to obtain a personalized reminder of the evening. Thanks to OKO technology, the attendees to the event take away a memory and achieve a greater impact on social networks. This technology is easy to use: incorporates a tactile system and works wirelessly.

In addition, there were several OKO SmartCharger located throughout the event. A device with a lot of impact in this type of events as well as having a touch screen where information of interest to the guests is offered, is capable of charging up to four mobile devices at the same time, covering a need of first order in this type of social events, which is the battery for smartphones.

In general terms, after several events, it can be seen how OKO Business, a technology developed by CIMNE ICT , fits in most events as an event enhancer improving the experience of the attendees .