Project Description

Case of success

The International Center for Numerical Methods for Engineering (CIMNE), located in the heart of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, and with more than 30 international headquarters, has just equipped all its departments with OKO technology to improve corporate communication internal. To date, when milestones were achieved in other departments, the researchers had daily knowledge on the web or through comments from colleagues. By betting this way, all departments will be informed in real time of the successes achieved by the center. Thus optimizing internal communication. Not only that, but the screens will inform you at all times of anti-Covid precautionary information. Giving them an extra security service in communication.

CIMNE trusts the importance of its researchers growing and developing in an environment where information is immediate. Thus, betting on OKO software for its fast and intuitive programming and ease of use compared to other more complex and difficult-to-manage systems that the market offered.

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Project summary

Incorporation of OKO’s software and hardware to manage content from the communication department to the rest of the departments.
Technical advice and training.
Turnkey project, with installation and commissioning of the screens


The International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) is a research organization created in 1987 at the heart of the prestigious Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) as a partnership between the Government of Catalonia and UPC, in cooperation with UNESCO. The aim of CIMNE is the development of numerical methods and computational techniques for advancing knowledge and technology in engineering and applied sciences. The ultimate goal of CIMNE is to become an international reference center and leader in computational mechanics, through achieving excellence in all the activities carried out by the center.