Project Description

Case of success

The Copa del Rey de Vela, is one of the most important sporting events in Spain, it is held every year at the facilities of the Real Club Náutico de Palma.

Due to its high number of Sponsors, the organization’s committee contacted OKO to seek advice on digitization and improvement of the sponsors’ branding. As well as increasing the feeling of modernity and providing the latest technology in terms of user experience. In turn, the event’s marketing team asked us for advice on technical improvement to increase the impact on the event’s social networks.

Project summary

  • Consulting and advising on Event Digitization
  • Incorporation of the latest technology in User Experience in events.
  • Distribution of OKO Charger portable mobile chargers in all Club cafeterias.
  • Distribution of more than 30 10 ”okosmartframe touch screens for interaction with sailors.
  • Distribution of more than 20 21 ”okosmartframe screens to improve the sponsors’ brand presence and increase corporate branding.
  • Management and technical assistance of the publication of contents by the IT department of OKO during the days of the event.
  • Incorporation of our Smart Mirrors for the presentation of the new products of the Premium sponsors of the regatta. Ex. BMW I8 model presentation.
  • Installation and start-up of the “OKO Corner Print”, which consisted of visitors taking a souvenir in the form of a printed photo of the regatta with our OKO printer. Selecting on a touch screen, specifically in different 10 ”okosmartframe, your best photo posted on Instagram with the hashtag of the competition. Fact that considerably increased the data and impact of the official hashtag on social networks.

About RCNP

Founded in 1948, the Real Club Náutico de Palma is dean of the Nautical Clubs of the Balearic Islands. True to its vocation of being one of the best clubs in Europe. Since 1982, one of the most prestigious regattas in the world has been held at its facilities. Where more than 100 sailors participate and is sponsored by more than fifty sponsors.