Do you want to be an OKO Business Partner?

We are in full growth and we seek to expand our network of partners to be able to expand throughout Spain.

The success of our partners is very important to us and that is why we offer various types of programs that are tailored to the needs of your business. We work closely with our partners to help them through sales cycles, expand in the market, and win business opportunities.

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OKO Business Partners Approved

Advantages for OKO Partners

OKO Agent Standard Distributor ** Premium Distributor **
After-sales technical assistance x x x
Technical and commercial training x x x
Possibility of higher margins x xx xx
Possibility of prices for projects x x
Joint Marketing Opportunities x x
Provision of equipment for demonstration x x x
Mention of the company on the OKO Business website x x
Private account administrator x x
Systems engineering and design assistance x x
Possibility of selling OKO through the Partner’s own brand x
Possibility of having the exclusivity of OKO in a specific Sector x

OKO Partner Requirements

OKO Agent Standard Distributor Premium Distributor
Buy directly from OKO x x x
On-site installation and basic support offers x x
OKO Certified Professional Staff recommended Min. 1 / country Min. 1 / country
Complete solution offerings and demo kits x x x
Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) x x x
Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP) x x x
Annual minimum income x x
Minimum annual purchase of OKO products x
Annual sales and marketing plan x x

If you are interested in joining the OKO Partner Program or need more information, please contact us:
Telephone: +34 934016857

** Compared to OKO Agents, Distributors will enjoy higher margins, more interaction with the OKO team, regular meetings and priority technical assistance.