Case of success

MGA is today one of the leaders and undisputed leaders in the gaming and leisure sector in Spain. The leisure sector in Spain is perhaps the one that uses digital signage the most, due to the need to change the infinity of content generated daily. Faced with this situation, the MGA technical team consulted OKO about the possibility of incorporating software that is extremely easy to use and has optimal performance. Today MGA totems are one of the most robust and reliable hardware on the market in the field of digital signage.

Project summary

  • Incorporation of OKO’s digital signage software in the manufacture of its hardware, specifically advertising totems.
  • Hiring of Specialized Technical service to its clients.
  • Some customers are considering extrapolating OKO software to all displays.

About MGA

Its values of innovation, quality and service have made MGA a powerful business group, a trendsetter in the sector and with a direct presence in all subsectors of face-to-face and online gaming. The group has achieved constant growth in all its business areas in the markets of Spain, Italy and Latin America.