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OKO Management System

Diseñada para crear nuevos canales de comunicación phygital entre los usuarios, los dispositivos y el entorno

The content management platform all in one

Gestiona remotamente toda tu red de dispositivos OKO

OKO Management System is a complete software and cloud, from which you can control all the hardware and software products needed to implement a simple, efficient and practical intelligent communication system for your company.

Thanks to its content management system, you will be able to control what is happening in your business at all times. Publish and share information and content instantly on the device of your choice, saving you time and money.

How does it work?

Upload the content you want to OMS so that it is accessible from one place. Organize, save and edit it as many times as you want without worrying about anything thanks to the many functions that this software offers.

Upload your multimedia content

The software has a large capacity that allows you to load different contents and even create your own playlists within the albums. You can include images, videos or HTML5 content. Defines the order in which the content will be played or the duration of each transition in the case of digital signage.

Edit and Customize without limits

The landings editor allows you to choose from the color to the typography that you want to appear on your Landing Page, in addition, it is characterized by having endless options, buttons and tools to make the user interaction and experience with your page the best possible.

Envía o Programa tu contenido

Define when you want your devices to receive the content, instantly or scheduled. Schedule your campaigns in advance and choose which screen or group of screens to target. Define the start and end date and the periodicity of the publication, the system will automatically send the campaign to be displayed correctly during the defined period.

Accede a las estadísticas de tus dispositivos

On the platform, you can also find a section where you can view the statistics of your OKOTags. This tool is very useful to measure the impact and interaction that users have with your content, as well as to measure your Engagement or reach, test your content and range of improvement.

Advertising Space

Esta herramienta permite poner una capa publicitaria previa al contenido de la Landing, ofreciendo así un espacio en el que cualquier marca interesada, o incluso tus partners o sponsors puedan tener un lugar para su contenido o campañas. Esta capa, que normalmente aparece en formato vídeo, también permite fijar un tiempo mínimo de visualización para el usuario.

Seguridad y Fiabilidad con tecnología Blockchain

We have a Blockchain verification tool that will allow you to offer veracity to your content. In addition it can also be used to authenticate the originality of your products through Blockchain certification.


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