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Essential to empower, revitalize and evaluate the scope of your Smart City initiatives with cutting-edge technology, all from a single integrated platform.

  • Local Trade

  • Tourism

  • Citizen Communication

  • Equipment and Maintenance

Your all-in-one solution to boost and personalize your digital communication effectively.


30% increase in the efficiency of local commerce, boosting the economy and strengthening the community.


25% reduction in response times to maintenance incidents, guaranteeing a safer and more functional city.

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Local Trade

Facilitate the connection between residents and local businesses with our directory, geolocation and integrated maps. It also offers exclusive discount coupons and uses smart signage to enhance the shopping experience.


Make visitors feel welcome and oriented with our smart key fobs, information bollards and digital totems. It uses IoT indicators and provides dynamic information to improve the tourist experience in your city.

Citizen Communication

It creates an effective communication channel between the municipality and citizens through physical and digital objects. Our platform allows different levels of communication to guarantee a fluid and transparent interaction.

Equipment and Maintenance

Optimize the management of urban facilities and city maintenance with our incident and asset inventory manager. It uses informative screens to keep citizens informed and certifies the work of operators in an efficient manner.