Case Study

Hi Cream stores nationwide use screens in the windows and inside to attract new customers who want to taste its “delicatessen”. They know that the storefront is the first point of contact between a business and its potential customer.

Digital signage gives them the opportunity to create a dynamic showcase for their services, hours, information and more.

With OKO’s management software, the brand’s headquarters can quickly adjust the content to be displayed by easily scheduling the content to each of the screens located throughout the territory. Thus unifying the message and the offer to be transmitted.

It is very important for the expansion of a brand to be able to schedule playlists and clips for specific times or locations, keeping them relevant at all times, all thanks to OKO’s software.

About HiCream

Hi Cream is a company specialized in artisan ice cream was created in 1989 with the idea of energizing a sector stagnant in innovation and give a new format of ice cream from a professional and personalized perspective.