Connected Packaging: Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

Technology continues to surprise us with innovative solutions that change the way we interact with the world around us. An example of this is the exciting connected packaging project, developed thanks to the collaboration with Faca Packaging.

Through our revolutionary OKOTags and Faca’s creativity, the packaging sector has undergone a true revolution, offering benefits beyond imagination. In this text, we will explore how this synergy has propelled the industry into a smart and connected future.


OKOTags are small, versatile, cloud-connected devices that enable real-time tracking, monitoring and content launching to various objects and products. This technology has proven invaluable in logistics, inventory management, and marketing and communication, but its potential goes beyond these traditional applications.

Faca: Pioneers in Manufacturing and Packaging Innovation

On the other hand, we have Faca, a leading company in the design and manufacture of packaging for the Beauty sector. With a creative and innovation-driven approach, Faca has been at the forefront of developing packaging solutions that go beyond simple functionality. His vision is to transform packaging into an experience that connects emotionally with consumers, and in this respect, technology plays a key role.

The Connected Packaging Project

The collaboration between OKTICS and Faca gives rise to an exciting connected packaging project that has sparked industry interest. By integrating OKOTags into the packaging design, an interactive and personalized experience for users has been achieved.

Interactive Experiences:

OKOTags have opened the door to interactive experiences with products. Through the mobile device application and NFC technology, users can access exclusive content, tutorials, promotions and more. This not only increases the perceived value of the product, but also creates an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand.

Digital Product Passport:

Each product equipped with OKOTags has a “digital passport” containing relevant information on its origin, characteristics and shelf life. This gives consumers greater transparency and confidence in what they are buying.

Brand impact and Personalized content:

The connection between OKOTags and Faca has allowed brands to further personalize their messages and content to more effectively reach their target customers, thus increasing the impact of their marketing campaigns.

Authentication and Blockchain:

To guarantee product authenticity and combat counterfeiting, blockchain technology has been integrated into the system, ensuring that every step of the product from manufacturing to delivery is traceable and verifiable.


The use of OKOTags has also facilitated the drive towards more sustainable practices in the packaging industry. The ability to monitor the life cycle of products helps to identify areas for improvement in terms of eco-efficiency and waste reduction.

The connected packaging project realized thanks to OKTICS technology and Faca’s creativity is a clear example of how technological innovation can transform entire industries.

The combination of OKOTags with packaging design has created a unique experience for consumers, generating an emotional connection with the products and optimizing the supply chain. This project is just a glimpse of what the future holds in terms of smart and connected packaging, and it is certainly an exciting step forward in the world of technology applied to everyday life.