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Boost your digital presence and connect with your audience effectively using the complete OKOTags and OKO Management System solution.

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Unique Content

  • Segmented Campaigns

  • Advertising Coat

Your ultimate ally to customize, optimize and enhance your digital marketing strategy in one place.


With OKOTags, you can improve the efficiency of your digital marketing strategy, increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns by 20%.


Extend your reach. Since its launch, OKOTags has enabled companies to expand their reach by 3.5 times.

Let’s talk about Customer Engagement

Phygital Connection

Create a unique connection between the customer and your products, link the digital world with your physical products.

Tap & Enjoy

The easier it is for the consumer to interact with your content, the better. Just bring the phone close to you, you can access the information without an app.

Interactive Applications

Design applications, product information with the simple gesture of bringing the phone close to the products.

Programmatic Advertising

Integrates programmatic advertising campaigns as a pre-layer of communication before linking to the base content

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Customer Loyalty

Implement loyalty programs to reward your customers with exclusive discounts or accumulation of points. Use OKOTags to track customer interactions and offer personalized rewards.

Unique Content

Offer exclusive content accessible only through your products or services, creating unique interactions that generate memorable experiences. With OKO Management System software, you can easily manage this content and optimize user experiences.

Segmented Campaigns

Personalize content for each user according to their location, language or time preferences, maximizing the impact of your campaigns. OKOTags allow you to collect relevant data to effectively segment your campaigns.

Advertising Layer

Add multimedia content before displaying the main information, strategically designing how and when it is displayed for best results. With OKO Management System software, you can schedule advertising accurately and measure its effectiveness in real time.