Connected Packaging with Gema Herrerías

We work together with FACA and Gemma Herrerías to introduce Connected Packaging in Gemma Herrerías products.

Proud of our project with Gema Herrerías and Faca Packaging with the launch of 10,000 bottles of their limited edition premium cream. This product stands out not only for its high quality formula, but also for the incorporation of OKOTags’ NFC technology and a dynamic and connected packaging.

With OKOTags’ NFC technology, users can interact with the packaging via their mobile devices, accessing detailed product information, usage recommendations and exclusive content. The packaging, developed together with FACA Packaging, combines a visually appealing design with innovative functionalities, offering a unique experience to premium cosmetics lovers.

Gema Herrerías’ experience and knowledge have been essential to ensure the excellence of this premium cream. This launch reflects the power of collaboration and innovation in the cosmetics industry.

We thank our partners for their dedication and effort, and hope that our customers enjoy this unique and personalized experience.