Caldic Elevates the Customer Experience with Connected Packaging

In Collaboration with OKO, Faca Packaging, BLOOCK and CIMNE in a Successful Pilot Test

We are excited to say that we are leading the connected packaging revolution in an innovative collaboration with Caldic, Faca Packaging, BLOOCK and CIMNE.

What does this mean? Basically, we are making a giant leap in the way products communicate with you. Thanks to our technology and OKOTags, you can now have an amazing digital connection to what you buy.

A new communication channel that means that the products, once in the customer’s home, can continue to provide information.

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Transforming Customer Experience

An important part of this project is OKO technology and our OKOTags, which provide a twist in the way cosmetic products are interacted with via mobile devices.

The ability to share customised multimedia content, from images to videos and specific documentation, creates an enriching and profoundly unique experience. What’s better than increasing engagement with your customers?

Thanks to our software that facilitates real-time personalisation of content, we ensure that every interaction can be tailored to users’ preferences, taking the customer experience to the next level.

Caldic and Faca Lead Innovation in Connected Packaging

Caldic, a multinational chemical company with a presence in more than 40 countries, stands out as the first company to offer connected packaging to its customers, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of the customer experience together with Faca.

This pilot test reinforces the importance of connected packaging technology for the cosmetics industry, highlighting the strategic collaboration between all partners(Caldic, Faca Packaging, OKO, BLOOCK and CIMNE) as key drivers of this revolution.

The Strength of Blockchain Technology

In this project, BLOOCK plays a key role by providing a robust Blockchain tool for product authentication. Its innovative technology not only acts as the guardian of the integrity and security of every interaction in our packaging data network, but also ensures the authenticity of every item through layers of encryption and verification. Thanks to them, implemented in OKO’s software, we can guarantee transparency and trust in every product.

A New Standard for the Cosmetic Packaging Industry

This breakthrough represents a significant milestone in customer interaction, setting a new standard for the cosmetic packaging industry.

The emotional connection between brands and their consumers is strengthened, generating greater loyalty, as well as having additional applications that can help to better optimise the supply chain.

Strategic Collaboration for Continuous Innovation

This collaboration with Faca Packaging, BLOOCK and CIMNE for the Caldic product, consolidates the team as leaders in the convergence of innovation and customer experience in the industry.

In this article we celebrate our commitment and that of our partners in creating a future where technology transforms the way we interact with products, ushering in a new era in the smart, connected packaging industry.

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