Fashion and NFC Technology with Lanjarón and Begoña Penalver

We worked together with Lanjarón and Begoña Penalver for the project: Vestido Origen.

OKTICS is proud to be part of the Origen Dress project, the result of our collaboration with the talented designer Begoña Penalver and the water brand Lanjarón. This unique project combines our advanced NFC technology with Penalver’s creativity and cultural tradition.

The dress, launched by Lanjarón in collaboration with Begoña Penalver, incorporates our OKOTags, small NFC chips placed in each mole and along the tail. This technology allows you to discover all the stories that have brought the Origin Dress to life by simply bringing your cell phone close to you.

Each chip holds personal and cultural stories, making the dress an interactive work of art.

These devices are connected to OKO’s Platform and Cloud, allowing content to be displayed in a dynamic and accessible way.

Our goal at OKTICS has always been to revolutionize various industries through NFC technology, improving product interaction and traceability. In this case, we have taken fashion to a new level, integrating technology in a way never seen before.

We are grateful to be part of this project that celebrates both identity and innovation.

Don’t miss the original post on Instagram to see more details of the dress: