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Intelligent assistant for fitness tracking with artificial intelligence.

Exercise monitoring system based on computer vision algorithms and image analysis using AI.

What does OKO Health offer?

  • Helping patients recover at home
  • Promoting self-care
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Improve information management
  • Prevent disease
  • Digitizing services

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AI for Health

Artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to help improve patient rehabilitation processes

Position Control

System that verifies the correct performance of the exercises, both in number of repetitions and in position.

Routine Monitoring

Health professionals will be able to perform routines remotely so that patients can perform them safely.

Platform and Cloud

Control of the system through a cloud platform, from which it will be possible to view usage statistics for each patient.

Your physiotherapist wherever and whenever you want

No add-ons or app downloads are required to use it. Simple, Fast and Effective.

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