Success at the Círculo Ecuestre de Barcelona with OKOCards and Smart Keychains

Barcelona Equestrian Circle
has relied on OKTICS to implement more than 2000 OKOCards and OKO smart key fobs. This innovative solution aims to revolutionize and modernize the member experience, offering convenience and additional services with exclusive access from their card.

Convenience and Simplified Access:

OKOCards and OKO smart key fobs allow members easy access to various exclusive club content. With advanced NFC technology, now just by bringing the card or key fob close to the readers, members can unlock content and enjoy the exclusive services of the Círculo Ecuestre.

State-of-the-art security:

OKO prioritizes security through multi-factor authentication that verifies the authenticity of both the identity and the content appearing on the card. NFC technology ensures that only self-driving car partners can

access, providing peace of mind and protection at all times. Member safety and the club’s peace of mind is a top priority.

Personalized Experience and Promising Future:

OKO not only improves comfort and safety, but also opens new opportunities to personalize the club experience, offering a plus to the traditional and opening a new communication channel that brings us a little closer to a promising future of innovation.