Case Study

Doga is a multinational company with more than 60 years of experience in the automotive industry. Due to its growth, the company is immersed in the process of digitalization and improvement of some of its departments.

For this reason, DOGA’s HR department contacted OKO to consult on how to improve their internal communication. After a previous study, OKO told them to change the traditional USB method for something more productive and professional like the OKO BOX players, which turn each TV into a digital sign.

Project summary

  • Consultancy and advice on improving the communication channel
  • Technical advice and training courses to HR personnel
  • Distribution of OKO Box Players in strategic points of the plant to reproduce information from the HR department to manage the contents of each of the screens, remotely from the OKO Management System platform.

About DOGA

With subsidiaries in Italy, Poland, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, China and India, it sells products for the automotive sector in more than 70 countries and operates in multiple markets, including automobiles, industrial vehicles, buses, trains, agricultural and construction machinery, boats and motorcycles.

The product is currently being tested at the Abrera plant, with the intention of exporting it to all its plants in a second phase.