Case Study

The Castelldefels City Council has installed information totems in twelve monuments of the city that include OKOTag technology, so that visitors have dynamic and updated information about the monuments. The city council decides at any given time what content it wishes to display on each totem: whether it is a video, a link to a website or a citizen participation form. At the same time, it analyzes with real-time statistics the number of interactions that each monument has by time slots and days. All controlled from the OKO Management System management platform.

About Castelldefels City Council

Castelldefels is a coastal city with 67,797 inhabitants. It is located 20 minutes from Barcelona. It is a city with a long history, in which lithic remains have been found with a chronology of at least 80,000 years old (Can Aimerich), as well as remains from the Upper Paleolithic, Bronze Age, Iberian, Roman, medieval, etc. that have left their mark on the city, with numerous cultural assets and places of interest.