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Customer loyalty

Conduct loyalty programs to reward customers in some way with things like discounts or accumulation of points.

Unique content

Generate special content only accessible through your products, create interactions that generate experiences.

Segmented campaigns

Choose what content each user will see based on location, language or time zone.

Advertising layer

Add multimedia content prior to the base information, define when and how this content should be displayed to achieve results.


Corporate Communications

Flexible communication tools to attract the attention of employees and customers

Dynamic Content

Always displays up-to-date content from external data sources

People counter

Reports in real time the number of people who have entered or left a location

Digital Directory

Integrates external databases for users to search for information


Phygital connection

Create a unique connection between the customer and your products, link the digital world with your physical products.

Tap & Enjoy

The easier it is for the consumer to interact with your content the better. With the simple gesture of bringing the phone close to the product, the user will have access to all the information without downloading any App.

Interactive applications

Design participation applications, product information with the simple gesture of bringing the phone close to the products.

Programmatic advertising

Integrates programmatic advertising campaigns as a pre-layer of communication before linking to the base content

Local Trade

Retail directory, geolocation and maps, discount coupons and smart signage


Visitor key fobs, information bollards, IoT displays, dynamic information and digital totems

Citizen Communication

Communication channel between city council and citizen through phygitals objects with different levels of communication.

Equipment and Maintenance

Incident manager, asset inventories, information screens, certification of operators’ work, etc.

Customer data

Obtain important customer data such as location, language or behavior.

Increases brand impact

Create new communication channels between your products and the customer, generate personalized and segmented information.

Brand authentication

Guarantees the originality of your products through immutable blockchain certificates

Recycling and sustainability

Provides on-product information on how and where to recycle properly

Engineering and Prototyping

Eliminates physical connectors and interfaces used in production and testing

Production line

Reduces operator handling of products

Distribution and Assistance

Improved access to product features, information and after-sales services

Recycling and Traceability

Manages the life cycle of products, including at the recycling chain


Information on the sustainability of your products

Inform on your products about key information that will make the consumer decide to buy.

Shelf life of products

At the end of a product’s life cycle, Tags can inform consumers about what they can do with their used product.

Consumer rewards program

Through the Tags consumers can track their sustainable actions and receive a reward accordingly

Circularity and responsible management

Encourages the circular economy through the reuse of products through recycling, repair or second hand markets


AI system for health

Artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to help improve patient rehabilitation processes

Position control

System that verifies the correct performance of the exercises, both in number of repetitions and position.

Monitoring of rehabilitation exercises

Health professionals will be able to perform routines remotely so that patients can perform them safely.

Cloud platform to manage routines

Control of the system through a cloud platform, from which it will be possible to view usage statistics for each patient.


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